Charter Zen Dog


Zen Dog is available for a variety of charter trips in and around the Solent at excellent prices.

Every charter day will be customised to suit your own needs and your chosen balance between time spent cruising and time spent relaxing. You only pay for engine run time (ERT) that you need

When you book, we’ll get in touch and help you plan your charter.

Zen Dog’s charters are for up to 8 guests (plus our professional crew of 2).

We don’t mix parties up – you get exclusive use of the whole boat for you and your friends and/or family.

We had an absolutely amazing time on Zen Dog. Would highly recommend for both the accommodation and the charter experience.

Joanna, Google Review, 2019

Generally, our charters include:

  • RYA Qualified Professional Skipper with an excellent knowledge of the Solent area to keep you entertained and safe.
  • Crew/Host – to “do the ropes” and serve the drinks
  • Tea, Coffee and Soft Drinks – bring your own alcoholic drinks (reasonable quantities only, please)
  • Life Jackets for all Guests
  • A lunch break at anchor or ashore
  • A High Speed Run
  • Sunbathing / Relaxing time / Stand Up Paddle Board time / Swim (if brave!)

Simple and Affordable Charter Prices with a free overnight stay onboard.

For 2020, we’re offering a new “overnight guest friendly” 11am to 6pm charter for up to 8 guests with the option of a free overnight stay on Zen Dog in Lymington Yacht Haven afterwards for up to 4 of the guests.

The total cost of this is £590 including VAT (or £540 if you really don’t want the overnight stay afterwards) and up to 2 hours of engine run time (ERT). That’s plenty to go somewhere nice for lunch (including The Hut at Colwell Bay, our favourite) then a couple of hours anchored somewhere beautiful for a swim or a go on our Stand Up Paddleboard.

Additional hours of engine run time are charged at £125 inc VAT but are rarely needed.

If you have already booked a stay of 2 or more nights on Zen Dog we’ll normally be happy to reduce the cost of the charter trip (without additional overnight accommodation) to £450 inc VAT for up to 8 guests.

Please call Mike on 07918 175713 to discuss.

Sample Itinaries

Here’s a map of the Solent area with our destinations numbered. Sadly, Zen Dog isn’t licenced to operate outside the area shown in grey when there are paying guests on board.

All trips start with an 11am meet followed by a safety briefing and coffee. We then aim to depart at 1130am and we get back in at 6pm.

  • Option 1 – The Hut Our most popular trip – a blast to Colwell Bay, Isle of Wight, guests transfer to a small RIB, have a 1245pm lunch at The Hut(2), the very popular Caribbean/Ibiza like beach bar(this must be booked well in advance), a RIB transfer back to Zen Dog around 3pm, then over to beautiful Hurst Castle/Keyhaven(3) or Totland Bay (2)for a couple of hours of swimming and paddle boarding. That’s 2 hours of ERT
  • Option 2 – Yarmouth As above but visiting Yarmouth Harbour(1) for lunch in one of its many great restaurants including the recently refurbished George Hotel & Beach Club (again, this must be booked well in advance). That’s also just 2 hours of ERT.
  • Option 3 – Newtown Creek Picnic – a blast to the beautiful Newtown Creek(5) then 5 hours anchored there to allow time for a picnic lunch, Paddle Boarding and Seal Watching – again, that’s 2 hours of ERT.
  • Option 4 – Cowes(6) or Bucklers Hard (8) for lunch then a swim in Newtown Creek – that’s 3 hours of ERT

You can cancel all charter trips up to the night before for a full refund. Generally, we only operate if the weather is calm and dry – nobody wants a soggy, bumpy boat trip but we’ll discuss with you before cancelling! We’re always happy to discuss and quote for other trip ideas, too.

Live Availability Calendar

This shows our Overnight Stay & Charter Bookings. We can do charter trips on Overnight Stay departure days but not arrival days due to the need to prepare Zen Dog for arriving guests. So, any day that is shown all white is potentially free for a charter trip. If a day is half white with an all white day before, that’s an arrival day and so isn’t free for charter. Any day that’s half white with white afterwards is a departure day and we can probably do a charter and overnight stay.. Clear as mud!

Please call Mike on 07918 175713 to discuss your requirements.