Water Taxi, Charter Trips & Sunday Afternoon Cruises to The Hut

The Hut at Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight is our favourite restaurant. We love the food, the famous rose wine, the setting, the fun, the staff and we enjoy the mild peril involved in getting off our big boat into their little boats!

The closest the UK gets to a Caribbean beach restaurant (with a bit of Ibiza thrown in). The music is loud (often with a live DJ) and the diners are even louder. Great food, great wine, great view – my favourite place

Mike Griffiths, Zen Dog’s owner

We’re very pleased to partner with The Hut to offer 2 different “cruise and dine” solutions for groups of up to 8 people starting from Lymington Yacht Haven in the New Forest.

Full Day Charters for up to 8 people with a long lunch stop at The Hut

Sunday Afternoon Solent Cruises with a lunch stop at The Hut – book a single place or up to 8 places

Stay on Zen Dog! Short breaks and overnight stays for up to four people onboard our Luxury Motor Yacht in Lymington Yacht Haven

Further Information

Please make sure you book your table at The Hut well in advance. Give Mike a call if you struggle – he has a good relationship with their office team. If you are booking a private cruise, you can book for their 12noon or 2.45pm sittings (or even the 630pm sitting between May and early September when there’s enough daylight). If you book places on one of our Sunday Cruises, please book their 2.45pm sitting.

For more information, please call Mike on 07918 175713.